Teens devour cooking class

So a healthy and balanced treat will certainly just be a couple of nuts, maybe with a piece of fruit; or feature a few nuts with your breakfast cereal to get their health and wellness benefits without way too many additional kJ.

Top Left: Mingling olive oil and sweet potato slices from left, are Mariah Waller, 14, Nick Cannistraci, 22, and Donacian Nidaruta, 14. Center: Lamar Rice, 17, left, prepares vegetable lasagna with help from Margaret Wenger, MAP youth enterprise educator, and Sudanese-born Tong Mawien, 18. Bottom: Alex Gahungu, 18, left, a native of Tanzania, heads for the oven with Cannistraci and Nidaruta to ……Teens devour cooking class

One of my favourite lunches is mashing an avocado with some lemon juice & chilli flakes (which I keep in the cupboard at work) and stirring through some chopped tomatoes and/or feta. Then toast a pita pocket and split in half and stuf it with the avocado mixture. If you have it on hand you can add some lettuce or carrot to the pita pocket to increase the vege count!

More Valuable Websites Below Apple Salsa Recipe


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